Thursday, 24 November 2016

Nilkawtian Association of South Australia

One of the best ways for non-Nilkawtians to gain an appreciation of Nilkawt and Nilkawtian society is by joining an official Nilkawtian association.

Within Nilkawt itself, considerable training is required before being eligible to join any sort of official association.  For example, the Royal Palace Association of Suitably Qualified Tour Guides currently only has three full members.

The other twenty-eight tour guides are still in training though they are already capable to doing the job without notes, even at short notice.  However, they are not yet quite able to do the job without a map of the palace.

The Reliable Retailing Association of Nilkawt similarly requires a high level of training for full membership.  As well as the information supplied by any person selling any sort of product in Nilkawt, all products sold in Nilkawt are expected to be of the highest possible level of reliability, within reason.

Most full members of the Reliable Retailing Association of Nilkawt are based in Elegantshire.  This is why The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers will usually also be involved in assessing the qualities of products and services in and beyond the better parts of Nilkawt.

The Nilkawtian Association of South Australia (NASA) holds its digital meetings in the natural common room of the gatehouse associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The patron of the association is the Nilkawtian Ambassador to the Digital Sphere, Her Excellency Madam Magda Carter, though Madam Carter does not attend those meetings herself.

The Nilkawtian Association of South Australia enhances and celebrates the peaceful and prosperous relationship between Nilkawt and South Australia, or at least the Nilkawtian relationship with South Australian members of the association.