Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Unlike the other Nilkawtian counties, the County of State has never had any but a boring, administrative name.  In that regard, it is very much like parts of Australia.  Yet unlike Australia, the names of places have never reflected colonialism.  Nilkawt was founded upon a fair and open contractual agreement.

The current capital city of Nilkawt, Twaklinton, was originally called The Capital.  Likewise, the new royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt, was originally merely called the new royal palace.

Yet unimaginative, bureaucratic boringness has never appealed to the Nilkawtians, which is why the Government of Nilkawt has recently decided to hold a referendum for new names for the County of State and for all of the parts of the county with boring names.

For example, all the villages in the County of State were originally given numbers rather than names, as were the farms, the roads and the parks.  Yet there are many administrative procedures to follow in Nilkawt when considering changing names, boundaries and titles.  Most of those procedures are based on tradition.

So far, the proposal for the title of the County of State seeks to invite the public to state whether they want to:

a) Keep the name as County of State

b) Change the name to Capital Territory

c) Change the name to Greater Twaklinton

d) Change the name to Twaklinshire

e) Change the name to something else entirely

f) Change the name to Something Else Entirely

g) Hold the referendum again later as making a decision is too difficult at present