Friday, 9 December 2016

National Security

With the borders of Nilkawt currently being endured as excessively challenging obstacles by many ordinary members of the public, the Nilkawtian cabinet continues to contemplate measures to address the situation safely.

This includes a review of the management of land.  It does not really require yet another review of tender processes though such a national security review of tender processes may be necessary in relation to land and borders.

The Minister for Brilliance, Prosperity and Pleasant Foreign Relations has suggested the democratic annexation of the principality of Little Outbush, particularly as only three people are permitted to vote in the principality.  Two of those voters are about to return home from a cruise around New Zealand.

The Minister for Health, Defence and Delightful Environments prefers the further touristic and strategic development of the Nilkawtian cave system as a safer option, particularly as there are quite a few children currently living in Little Outbush, all of whom are precocious child actors.

A meeting of the sublime secretariat yesterday came to the conclusion that Nilkawtian contractual agreements should be examined further, particularly in relation to the other borders of the ethereal grand duchy.  Most of the farm land on the other side of Nilkawt's borders is owned by Nilkawtian citizens and residents though it is mostly leased to Australian farmers.

Nilkawtians are always keen to maintain the integrity of their personal and national security and reliability.  This is why they have a clear and reasonable international peace strategy.