Friday, 27 January 2017

National Day

January is often a quiet time in Nilkawt.  This even applies on its national day, which happens to be today.

There are no national day parades on this day in Nilkawt.  There are no national day protests.  All is calm.  There is no fuss.  There are no fireworks. 

The Nilkawtian national day has traditionally been a day of peace.  The hope is that it will stay the same into perpetuity.

Even this digital embassy is relatively quiet in January.

In January 2015 there was some mention here, early in the month, of the restoration of the money key.  That was a time of much relief after an unusual upheaval.

Later in that month, the Office of Electoral Progress was mentioned here in relation to the maintenance of societal peacefulness.  The main purpose of that office is to improve democracy, of course.

The local low kawt courts were also mentioned in January 2015.  Maintaining order at a local level helps to ensure the Nilkawtians can maintain order at the national level very well indeed.

In January last year, there was some mention here of the traditional transitional arrangements in Nilkawt and non-traditional ones in this embassy.  There was also a brief account of the very gradual transition to a right royal republic.

Also last January, advice was supplied here on how to become a lady-in-waiting in Nilkawt.  Such a prestigious position obviously attracts many thousands of hopeful candidates each year.

As a highly enlightened sovereign nation, Nilkawt obviously requires a highly enlightening national day.  Yet no-one is quite sure why this day has been chosen.  It has been the Nilkawtian national day for so long that it has become little more than a traditional day of quietness.

Nilkawt is a highly respected upholder of international law.  It is also the home of the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace.

The nation of Nilkawt has a national flag and national parks and a national anthem.  Nilkawt has long achieved the Most Enlightened Nation Status at the Enlightened Nations.

Nilkawt, as a peaceful and relatively friendly nation, supports open international relations.  In April last year, the Nilkawtians hosted an international conference on global finance.  Nilkawt is also one of the most actively imaginative nations whenever there is an Enlightened Nations conference.

On the national day, the national intranet service of Nilkawt is offered to citizens free of charge.  This assists citizens to update their skills through the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

The Nilkawtian international peace strategy is reflected in its national day.  This supports the national security measures very well indeed.

The borders of Nilkawt are closed on the national day.  One of the entry requirements is therefore to be aware of that fact.

Protocol states that the Nilkawtian head of state either attends international conferences or goes on holiday at this time of year, or combines the two activities.  In view of this, no national honours are announced or presented on or around the national day. 

Monday, 2 January 2017

More New Names

In village number one of the former county of state, the locals have unanimously decided to change the name of their village to Twaklinbridge.  They have decided to change the name of their local college from the Academy of U to the University of Twaklinbridge.  They wish to do so by amalgamating the academy with the Village One Research Institute.

In village number two in the former county of state, the locals have unanimously decided to change the name of their village to Twaklinford.  They are still deciding upon new names for everything else in their vicinity.

In village number three, there has been much disappointment expressed by the locals that they have been unable to change the name of their village to either Twaklinbridge or Twaklinford.

The process of choosing names has given numerical priority to the villages founded first rather than those of larger size.  Village number three is considerably larger than the former village one and former village two put together.

The residents of village number three are currently deciding whether to call their village Twaklinberry or Twaklincoombe, though its extensive undulations make neither name quite appropriate.  The compromise name of Twaklinhope has therefore been tentatively chosen.

The other villages are still awaiting confirmation from village number three before they can decide upon their own new names.  The villagers in village number twelve want to call themselves The Twaklintwelves as there are only twelve residents in the village at present and they do not take kindly to strangers.