Friday, 24 March 2017

Artistic Building Commission

The harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence supplies the building blocks of every free, fair and refreshing society.  Since the territory of Nilkawt has recently expanded, the necessity has arisen to beautify the bland with a little more urgency than usual.

The Artistic Building Commission was therefore established secretly a few weeks ago.  The surreptitious nature of the development has ensured the inaugural secret commissioner could conduct his research without the unnecessary influence of vested interests.

In many societies, vested interests are the cause of much ugliness.  Those interests seek to profit by imposing their profit-motive on the landscape as cheaply and shoddily as possible. 

The arrogant over-confidence of the profit-seekers is matched by the ignorance of unimaginative officials and politically motivated philistines.  Unimaginative officials prefer glossy documentation and utilitarian practicality to contextual magnificence and relevance.  Politically motivated philistines prefer the monstrosity of grandiosity to beautiful usefulness.

The Artistic Building Commission will soon have a team of secret commissioners to identify possible improvements to the Nilkawtian built environment.  Those commissioners are likely to include enlightened landscape designers, frugal architects and former tourists.

None of the secret commissioners will be expected to sit in the cabinet.  Nor will they be expected to do any public speaking or appear in promotional videos.

It is not expected that the cost of housing in Nilkawt will rise as a consequence of the work of the Artistic Building Commission.  Nor is it likely there will be a rise in the cost of infrastructure and its maintenance. 

There could be a cost associated with urban planning, mainly due to the fact that most of the planners will require additional training in aesthetics.  However, this is likely to pay for itself very quickly in terms of increased enjoyment of the surroundings by the public at large.

All permanent housing in Nilkawt is affordable.  Much of it is also beautiful. 

In international terms, Nilkawtian permanent housing may even be considered to be public housing even though privacy and community supports are widespread and carefully maintained.  That housing is safe, secure and the surrounding areas are extraordinary well maintained though never overly pruned.

There is no housing market in Nilkawt except for temporary accommodation.  Much of that temporary accommodation is in urgent need of beautification.