Friday, 31 March 2017

Parks and Gardens

Many people visit Nilkawt primarily to admire the dramatic organic parks and remarkable organic gardens.  His Sustainableness The Viscount Twaklinton is the patron of all outdoor maintenance activities.

As husband to the Nilkawtian Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness, Viscount Twaklinton is delegated many royal duties of the rugged variety.  Whether planting trees, clearing weeds or keeping up with the latest research on soil management, Viscount Twaklinton expresses an informed approach to the tasks.  He is also a former Nilkawtian environment minister.

There are many community gardens in Nilkawt as well as private ones and public ones.  There are no lawns.  Nilkawtians have long prided themselves on their lawnless order.

There is a large export park in the county of Elegantshire in Nilkawt.  It, too, is beautifully maintained though understandably utilitarian in its purpose.  Within the export park are many grand parks and magnificent shopping facilities.

All trainee citizens are taught the basics of successful organic gardening, as well as many other useful subjects.  Most Nilkawtians grow at least a few of their own vegetables and fruits.  They are also easily able to trade the rest.

In their leisure hours, many Nilkawtians spend much time enjoying the national parks of Nilkawt.  Many visitors do the same, though the latter are frequently fined for behaving inappropriately in such places.

Many of the major settlements within Nilkawt have their own parklands.  Many parklands are tended through tender processes.  If your intention is to attempt to tender for work within Nilkawt, please ensure you are fully familiar with all the requirements before doing so.

Certainty and continuity are very important to the Nilkawtians, regardless of the weather.  This is why there are several historically-themed pleasure gardens in Nilkawt.  The further industrial development of Nilkawt is always in keeping with the appropriate preservation of natural heritage and cultural heritage.

Visitors, whether intentionally in Nilkawt or not, are reminded to uphold the laws against trespassers and other nuisances.  Safety is very important to the Nilawtians.  No self respecting Nilkawtian would trust strangers, however friendly they may seem.

Deepening acquaintances in Nilkawt is possible in many ways, especially for visitors eager to become temporary members of one or more Nilkawtian gardening club.  Several clubs combine gardening with other activities.  This particularly applies with regards to the Austrooliana Club.

Shopping for elegant fountains and statues for any suitably sized garden is usually most successful in Elegantshire.  Uniquely extraordinary sculptures are most likely to be available for purchase at the Foolya Biennale.

There are magnificently scientific and deliciously tasteful investigative gardens maintained through the Twaklinton Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering.  Only the most suitably qualified members may gain entry.

Many visitors to Nilkawt enjoy admiring the gardens and orchards of the planned communities and model villages on scheduled tours.  Unscheduled visits are not permitted.

Entry to the royal palace gardens is understandably expensive.  This is particularly the case during international conferences.

Many Nilkawtians love to garden.  They are keen to improve Nilkawt into perpetuity as no doubt you are already aware. 

Much environmental monitoring occurs throughout Nilkawt and most especially near the royal palace.  Fortunately, a referendum has never been required before conducting any sort of scientific study in Nilkawt though the nomenclature of people and places is another matter entirely.

The Nilkawtians are unwilling to advance the GDP of Nilkawt by destroying the beauty of their surroundings.  That is why they charge considerable sums of money to people seeking to visit those surroundings.

Admiring a landscape, and looking ahead in other ways, are widely respected practices in Nilkawt.