Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Preventing Hazards

All Nilawtians become Nilkawtians of their own volition.  No-one is forced to become a Nilkawtian.  No-one is forced to live in Nilkawt. 

Since the borders of Nilkawt have now resumed their normal status, all Nilkawtians and non-Nilkawtians can leave Nilkawtian territory on any day of the week, even during public holidays.

The Nilkawtians have long been renowned for taking corrective and preventative action towards all sorts of risks and hazards.  They know that self-efficacy and good reasoning are common Nilkawtian traits.

One of the main problems in the world is impulsiveness.  On many occasions, impulsiveness is irrational.  The Nilkawtians consider impulsiveness to be rude.  Indeed, impulsiveness is considered to be a hazard in Nilkawt.

Potential visitors to Nilkawt are currently assessed in relation to their motivation.  Their decision-making abilities are scientifically examined well before visas are issued. 

The process begins through distance education procedures.  All applicants are expected to have a considerable understanding of the neuroscience of free will.  They are also required to have a practical understanding of the theories of problem solving.

To ensure potential visitors are keenly aware of all potential hazards, and act accordingly, they must complete extensive training before being admitted into Nilkawt itself.  Only the most keen achievers are likely to be rewarded with visas.

Nilkawtians have little tolerance of apathy, lethargy and avolition.  They want to ensure their society remains a quality management system.