Welcome to the universally relevant, extraordinarily elegant, dignified digital Embassy of the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt.

The Head of State of the Ethereal Grand Duchy seeks to ensure everyone in the world is reasonably well aware of Nilkawt and its policies.

Nilkawtian sovereign territory is an enclave entirely surrounded by the state of South Australia. 

The international activities of the Nilkawtians are appropriately presented through the Mission of this embassy.

The Government of Nilkawt is the most democratically advanced in the world.  The Nilkawtians have many enlightened votes and voters and many enlightened policies though they keep elections to a minimum.

Public administration in Nilkawt is mainly a professional and creative activity, with many enlightening checks and balances.

If you are a non-Nilkawtian individual seeking entry to Nilkawt, you will require an appropriate passport, an appropriate visa and an appropriate understanding of Nilkawtian laws and customs.  You will also require an appropriate purpose for your visit and sufficient funds with which to improve the Nilkawtian economy.

The Government of Nilkawt is particularly interested in attracting foreign investment.  Although most foreigners are likely to remain ineligible to enter Nilkawtian territory, there is no reason why their money should not enter the Nilkawtian economy for mutually beneficial purposes.