An excellent education begins by learning about the best sources of information, knowledge, experience and training.  The best people require the best education if they are truly to be acknowledged as the best by those already known to be the best.

There are five Nilkawtian campuses of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence and you will only need to choose one as your preferred supplier of further enlightenment.  Currently, the administrative centre of the Centre is officially at the centre of the royal palace.

All minor educational and training institutions within Nilkawt are currently required to be affiliated with at least one of the aforementioned training facilities.  There are no other major training facilities in Nilkawt.  Unnecessary competitiveness is often considered by Nilkawtians to be most distasteful.

The highly experienced and suitably enlightened archival staff on duty at the International Training Centre's esteemed solitary, original (very original) Adelaidean (non-Nilkawtian) location are occasionally able to assist ordinary members of the public.   They do so in a digital, well-documented yet beautifully and dutifully dignified manner.  This applies even when some of the persons wishing to become students happen to be very ordinary indeed.

Only Nilkawtians and properly documented Australians have the privilege of studying in Nilkawt.

Fee-paying students, of various nationalities, are occasionally offered the opportunity to participate in the Centre's Adelaidean and global pursuits.

Non-paying students may philanthropically be supplied with digital information from the Centre from time to time, subject to the availability of generosity.

The non-Nilkawtian, non-Adelaidean Facebookian campus could one day be where the regular attendance of most ordinary mortals would be most appropriate, particularly as the tutorials there are, at least for the present, supplied free of charge.

Assessments through the Facebookian facility are usually surreptitious.  Assessments through the other campuses are frequently auspicious.

Students at the Facebookian campus, and in many other educational institutions and training facilities around the world, usually fit into one of five categories.

You may perfectly fit into one of those categories yourself if:

a)  You think you may sometimes be a genius and sometimes just ordinary, but you are not quite sure about anything regarding such matters, hence your desire for further enlightenment;

b)  You know you are quite ordinary but you sometimes have difficulty accepting that fact, hence you require suitable training to ensure your existence can become more bearable;

c)  You have no doubts at all that you happen to be a genius because at least one of your parents has told you so, yet you are seeking additional validation and admiration in order to expand your fame and fortune;

d)  You are truly gifted but you have an inability to attend any training courses in Nilkawt or Adelaide due to a lack of support from your family and government;

e)  You are happy being ordinary but you wish to experience at least a few moments of beauty, understanding and magnificence - and additional enlightenment - each day.

All enlightened beings are aware that no-one fits any criteria exactly.  People are not standardised entities, no matter how much they are categorised.

Please note that it is only in Nilkawt that the best of the best can receive the education and training they truly deserve.  The criteria constituting those specifications are themselves the focus of much investigation and speculation.

For ordinary mortals, regardless of their locations or true vocations, there are many opportunities to:

a) Study at the highest quaternary level;
b) Volunteer in enlightening locations;
c) Receive immensely valuable ethereal work experience placements;
d) Obtain suitably mentored digital internships, when qualified to do so;
and even to

e) Locate worthwhile and peaceful, reasonably paid employment.

These properly propitious possibilities can usually be most effectively supplied and received by following the unpredictable flights of Twaklinesque Twitterings.