There are always plenty of jobs available in Nilkawt for persons possessing the most suitable attributes, particularly if they happen to be Nilkawtian citizens.

If you are not (yet) a Nilkawtian, you can seek employment in Nilkawt by following the correct procedure:

1.  Learn about Nilkawt sufficiently in order to have the knowledge with which to advance its economy.

2.  Open an investment account with the Bank of Nilkawt.  This will indicate that your work ethic is substantially aligned with the interests of Nilkawtians.

3.  Seriously consider becoming self-employed.  It is always a good idea, as a matter of courtesy, to have an alternative option when expecting other people to provide you with an income.

4. Spend some time (and money) in Nilkawt as a tourist.  First-hand experience of a society - including its culture, values, laws, governance and economy - go a long way to providing the valuable insights any good worker needs in the 21st century.

5. Continually enhance and expand your skills through formal and informal training.  Workers in Nilkawt, regardless of their origins, are expected to spend substantial amounts of their own time and money on pursuing self-development activities each week.

6. Make a contractually binding commitment to provide Nilkawtian society with a consistently high quality service, to exacting specifications.

In summary, it pays to:

1. Acquire knowledge
2. Invest wisely
3. Show initiative
4. Gain experience
5. Seek improvement
6. Express commitment