Anyone wishing to visit or live in Nilkawt, for whatever reason, would certainly be very well advised to take a guided tour of - and from - this digital embassy.

There is plenty of information displayed here about the various types of visas for visiting Nilkawt.  Please read it very carefully.  All sorts of unpleasant things can happen to persons not in possession of the correct documentation.

You will have noticed, no doubt, that the reception area of this embassy, from which this information has been provided, is merely an annex to a much larger and grander establishment.

The official name for the reception area is the Nilkawtian Chancery.  The staff usually on hand are only menial, poorly trained clerical assistants.  They have vast quantities of legal documents and application forms to assess and process so please do not disturb them unnecessarily.   They are unlikely to answer questions with accuracy, or even with tact, as you will know if you have ever worked in a demanding yet repetitive occupation.

The ambassador is usually far too busy to see anyone, with or without an appointment.  If you wish to enter Nilkawt on business, please ensure you have your credit card handy.

To proceed on this digital tour, please pass through the revolving doorway and out into the well-guarded and well-tended garden, regardless of the current weather forecast.

There is no entry permitted to the rest of the premises through the back office of the Chancery, even for persons desiring to take such a chance.  Non-Nilkawtians are not permitted to enter the back office at all and nor, even, are most Nilkawtians.

The much grander office of the ambassador, in the observation tower of Villa Twaklinilkawt, is also out of bounds to everyone except invited guests, as is Her Excellency's majestic official residence in the same location.

For more accurate and courteous assistance, please follow your guide to the service wing and then through to the parlour meant for you.

During the tour, you will occasionally be permitted to ask questions about tourism in Nilkawt.

For an addition fee, you may be able to find out more about jobs in Nilkawt.  Do be advised, however, that most persons in the world seeking money from you are not to be trusted unless they hold Nilkawtian passports. Are you sure you know how to authenticate those documents?

The Nilkawtians will always have your best interests at heart, even if you are unlikely to be offered a visa to enter their territory.  Never trust anyone, anywhere, if they promise to provide you with a good job, a visa or even a large inheritance, other gifts, a business deal or marriage in exchange for a sum of money, with or without a qualification or other paperwork to show for it. 

Only deal with verfied official sources in person when in doubt.  Come to Nilkawt to learn more.

By returning to this embassy after your tour of Villa Twaklinkawt, to fill in additional paperwork and provide your banking details, you may be invited to transfer a significant sum to the Bank of Nilkawt.  This will especially be the case before being given additional information about business opportunities in Nilkawt.

However, please note that all prospective visitors are, on an initial visit, required to enter Nilkawt as tourists, even if intending later to study in Nikawt.

There is plenty of additional information available through this embassy for anyone seriously interested in tourism in Nilkawt.

Learn about the traditions of Nilkawt

Learn about Nilkawtian public holidays

Learn about the Order of the Charter

Learn about the history of Nilkawt

There is no point in booking tourist accommodation in Nilkawt, if required, until your visa has been approved.