All visa applications for entry to Nilkawt must be requested through this digital embassy.  There are no exceptions.

New visitors

If this is your first attempt to visit Nilkawt, or you have not visited for a considerable time, please read the preliminary guidelines on:

Visiting Nilkawt

Tourism in Nilkawt

Entry requirements

Visa types

Selection processes

Immigration review

Royal palace tour

Nilkawtian history

Nilkawtian traditions

National parks


If you have already visited Nilkawt at least twice, you are likely to require further information about investing there.  Please ensure you are familiar with the following documentation before applying for an investment visa:

Bank of Nilkawt

Independent Commissioners against Corruption


An excellent economy

Investment opportunities

Wealth distribution

Tender processes

Open international relations

Economic development

Currency trading

Security and reliability

Most Enlightened Nation status


Nilkawt welcomes genuine, competent entrepreneurs.  Please ensure you have visited Nilkawt on several prior occasions before seeking a business visa.  It always pays to understand economic conditions well.

Also ensure you have prepared detailed, accurate, scientifically-verifiable business plans.  These should be sufficiently in accordance with your well-established working relationships with your most generous international investors.

Doing business in Nilkawt

Doing science in Nilkawt

National Intranet Service

Further industrial development

Business in Backoutshire

Business as usual

Interpersonal Standards Organisation

Arts professionals

Truly talented, suitably skilled arts professionals frequently seek the opportunity to participate in arts events in Nilkawt.  Even so, they are often unaware that Nilkawt has many truly talented, suitably skilled arts professionals of its own.  If you have visited Nilkawt as a tourist, you will already know this.

Before applying for an arts visa, do please ensure you are familiar with the following:

Foolya Biennale

Humour Rights Commissioner

Performance venues

National anthem

Artistry Registry and Tribunal

Cultural industry

Social season

Valued Time Day

Ordinary job seekers

Non-Nilkawtian persons seeking employment in Nilkawt outside the arts now require an ordinary job seekers visa.  This document is valid for two weeks, within which time an ordinary job seeker is required to gain a one-week work permit from the relevant authorities.


Seasonal work

Resort towns


There are many opportunities to study in Nilkawt, at least when in possession of the correct visa.  The correct visa at present is the very wealthy student visa.  Please read all the necessary documentation before applying, beginning with the following preliminary readings:

Education in Nilkawt

International law

Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace

Inns of Kawt

Faculty of Official Historians

Health Institutes



Sublime Secretariat

Twaklinton Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering

How to become a Lady-in-Waiting

Dada School of Management

Institute of the Twaklinesque


Nilkawtians consider all foreign journalists to be students.

Media in Nilkawt

Chief Secretary for Global Communications

Certification of Credibility

Non-visa holders

Anyone seeking to enter and/or remain in Nilkawt without the appropriate documentation should take note of the following important information:

Laws against trespassers and other nuisances

Borders and other boundaries